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Launch in 2020


In September 2015, Gaëlle Le Gallic invited us on “France Musique” during her broadcast “Génération Jeunes Interprètes” where we had the opportunity to present our project around the “Danzas Españolas” with Baptiste Herbin. 

Whilst adapting Enrique Grandos’s “Danzas Españolas” originally for piano, we met Argentine composer Luis Naòn, this led to the commissioning of a series of dances (co-commission from Radio France). From this our project “Utópico” was born, mixing romantic and contemporary music and providing a relation between two styles of music which are very different. In both the twelve “Danzas Españolas” of 1890 and the five “Tangos Utópicos” of 2015, popular music is an important inspiration. We soon had the idea of mixing these two pieces together to make our first CD, following our concerts at the festival SaxOpen in Strasbourg 2015 the jazz saxophonist Baptiste Herbin gave a third dimension to the project with improvisations over the dances of Granados. His virtuosic poesy joins us on several tracks completing what is an exceptional “crossover”.

This project was funded through the crowd funding platform “KissKissBankBank” we would like to particularly thank our privileged subscribers for their generous support, without their help the CD would never have been possible:

CIC Iberbanco   -   Vandoren Paris   -   Blandin & Delloye   -   Domaine Gross

Anne-Marie Adad / Jean-Gabriel Bauzin / Roberto Álvarez Boto / Benjamin Brocco / Danielle Baudoin / Jean-Michel Baudoin / Hélène Baudoin / Charles Blandin / Francis Cabanat / Patrick et Danielle Casella / Michel Castan / Marie-Bernadette Charrier / Philippe Chazelle / Sandro Compagnon / Jeanne Crousaud / Simon Daragon / Pablo De Coupaud / Laurent Delage / Claude Delangle / Patrick Dupuisat / Pablo Sánchez Escari / Enzo Ferrarato / Jean-François Fourmond / Dominique Fourny-Delloye / Pierre Girard  / Gilles Guillemart / Vincent Haïssaguerre / Yves Hamonic / Enrique Juanes / Michel Lalanne / Haerim Lee / Marion Llombart / Raphaël Martin / Javier Naranjo / Nathalie Nicolaï / Antonio Garcia Montes / Julien Oustaloup / Etienne Pavie /  Franck Picou / Emmanuelle Pommel / Jean-Luc Pommel / Josette Pommel / Alberto López Prieto / Pierre Proust / Liz Radford / Jonathan Sanchez / Marie-Cécile Trillaud / Michel Trillaud / Pauline Turpeau / Pascal Vallon / Holger Vau Paucker / Meg Wilson  

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